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Do you want to know more about specific family law issues?

Children's Issues 

Parenting Plans

If parents reach an agreement in relation to parenting arrangements, there are two ways in which the agreement can be formalised - either by way of Court Orders made by consent or by entering into a Parenting Plan.

Adult Child Support

An adult child or a parent of a child over the age of 18 may be able to apply to the courts for financial assistance in certain circumstances.

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KB: Children's Issues
Financial /Property Issues
KB: Financial/Property

Property Proceedings, Divorce and Time Limitations

You don't have to obtain a divorce order before seeking a property settlement.  But if you have already obtained a divorce order, there are time limits for initiating proceedings in relation to the division of property.

"Pre-nups & Post-nups" - Binding Financial Agreements

Are they worth the paper they're written on?

Gambling and the impact on your property settlement

If you haven't finalised your property settlement and your ex-partner is gambling or otherwise engaging in reckless financial behaviour, how will that impact on the overall settlement?

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Wills & Estate Law 
KB: Wills & Estate Planning

Q&A - Wills and Powers of Attorney

Looking for the low down on Wills and Powers of Attorney?  This article is for you...

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Costs Orders and Settlement Offers in Family Law Matters

The usual starting point is that each party shall bear his or her own costs of proceedings under the Family Law Act.  The Court can, however, make a costs order if it is the Court's opinion that there are circumstances to justify it. 

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