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“We recognise the emotional upheaval experienced by many people following the breakdown of a relationship. We strive to promote the interests of our clients during this challenging period."


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Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Melbourne

Westminster Lawyers is an exclusive family law firm. Our team of lawyers have decades of experience advocating for our clients to achieve fruitful outcomes. We understand that navigating through the separation process can be an emotional and challenging time and will guide you through it with compassion while always seeking the best outcome for all concerned. We're here to help make the divorce process as efficient and cost-effective as possible.


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Separation Lawyer Melbourne

If you have separated or are thinking of separating, our family lawyers can advise you about your rights and entitlements in family law. Seeing us before you separate can give you more options and help to make the process smoother and easier if you do choose to separate. If you have already separated, it is important that we speak as soon as possible so we can help you deal with the impacts on your children, finances and lifestyle. As specialists in family law, our lawyers can provide you with practical guidance in a way that gives you a real understanding of what to expect and how to work towards the best solution.

Divorce Lawyer Melbourne

Even when both parties have come to the conclusion that separation is the best way forward, it can be an emotional and overwhelming time. As separation is a legal process, there are some hurdles you need to clear to be able to proceed with ending the marriage. Our Melbourne divorce lawyers have expertise across all areas of divorce, separation, parenting, child support, property and financial matters. No matter your situation, you’ll receive appropriate and legal advice about your rights and all the legal help to negotiate. We also approach our work with compassion and understanding, which can help you to see past the emotions to identify a practical course of action that will leave you happier at the end of it.

Why choose Westminster Lawyers?

The team at Westminster Lawyers can guide you with sensitivity and compassion through an emotional and challenging time. We have a wealth of experience in the area of separation and divorce, advocating for our clients to achieve the outcomes they desire. We act to empower you by helping you understand the system, the options and the advantages and disadvantages of the different options available to you. 


If you would like more information about the process of divorce or separation, please see our Frequently Asked Questions and Knowledge Base. If you're ready to discuss your individual circumstances, please contact our best divorce lawyers in Melbourne today.

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